@thesheps @molly0xfff alias it as `contains`
while you're at it and then you really don't have to worry about remembering haha


Interesting to see Twitter regularly have incidents during peak load hours (twitter.com/danluu/status/1518), e.g., here's downdetector for the past two days.

When Twitter had 2 DCs, this used to be quite rare outside of failover tests, which effectively doubled load. Most failover tests would pass without incident, implying Twitter could handle > 2x normal load, so of course the site would rarely have non-failover load issues.

But now it's normal to have an incident on a random weekday.

birdsite eng 

One of the things that I think is sad about the decimation of Twitter eng is that Twitter was doing a lot of interesting (and high ROI) eng work that, at younger companies, is mostly outsourced at great cost.

A few examples off the top of my head:

The now gutted HWENG group was so good at server design that, in a meeting with Intel, the Intel folks couldn't believe the power envelope Twitter achieved and Google thought we were lying about our costs during cloud price negotiations.

@heysupratim @raphaelluckom this account is on a single user ActivityPub instance (Mastodon specifically) so that I can be in control of my own data, content moderation, and avoiding a local/federated feed firehouse which helps reduce time spent on social media (I can read everything that comes through my instance in 15-20 minutes per day)

@andrewfeeney several years ago I built a minimal ActivityPub server/client and it took me so long to get the digest/signature working 😂

@schwa all that data is included so that if someone on a different ActivityPub server (that might not even be a Mastodon instance) receives your message, they can see who sent it.

The ActivityPub standard does allow for URLs to represent the author, but it's less server strain to just send the data rather than handling requests from clients trying to load the URL to get all the info about your profile.

Hello web devs, @SaraSoueidan has started taking pre-orders for her #PraticalA11y course at practical-accessibility.today/. This course is going to be amazing!! Highly recommend. I have already pre-ordered myself.

Finding #pest much more intuitive than #phpunit. Almost enjoyable! JS on the other hand gave me grief today. Tomorrow is another day. 🤪

as sad as i am about the rapid destruction of twitter, the (re)surge in blogs and newsletters has been lovely

back to the #indieweb!

@randytayler @phpc if you really wanted to boost performance on an instance that supports a lot of people, high performance background jobs for all of the syncing and asset management seems critical. I built a small personal ActivityPub/federated instance (with Laravel) but I didn't use background jobs and with just a few followers it was terribly slow to post anything 😂

I nuked my bird app account without thinking to grab a list of people I followed. Mostly devs. If you're in tech or have a list of accounts you recommend I'd love to connect.

Hello , I guess this is my introduction! I'm a software developer, although I'm mostly focused on web technologies. My professional work right now involves and

I've been using voice control software to do the bulk of my work for the past year now to deal with RSI. I'd love to connect with other devs who use non-traditional means of operating their computer.

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